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Prayer List:
	Milli Adams 
	Jerry Bateman 
	James  Becker 
	Marilyn Castle Blevins 
	Tommy Choate 
	John  Clark 
	Kathryn Garner 
	Arnold Hall 
	Todd Jenkins & family 
	Barbara  Lewis 
	Bill Mannas 
	Marcella Nacius 
	Gerald & Tilli Orr 
	Amanda Penrod 
	Lorraine Sandvick 
	Nancy Schmedt 
	Roxie  Schones 
	Jo Ann Simon 
	Molly Stevens 
	Ada Hope Walters 
	Zane Westbrook 
	Ann Whitchurch 
	Tama Wilson 

Lord Jesus, we lift these people on our monthly prayer list up to you: You are the healer of the sick, who raised the dead to life. We praise you for the faith you give us to keep on hoping and praying for those who are ill. Listen to the silent tears of those who weep within as they yearn to see their loved ones made whole again. Your healing was the center of your earthly message. May we continue to pray for those who are sick, and may your inner peace come to us all. Amen.

(Adapted from Living Faith)

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Prayers for Everyone Deployed:

Please remember in your prayers our military now serving:

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Universal Papal Prayer Intentions:

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Evangelization Papal Prayer Intentions:
That Christians, and other religious minorities in Asian countries, may be able to practice their faith in full freedom.

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