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English Language Learners

Our English Language Learners (ELL) program came about in 2014 in conjunction with ProLiteracy. This ministry to our non-English speaking brothers and sisters in Christ is an attempt to focus on two core Catholic reasons.

  1. If a person cannot read, write, and speak English in this local society, they risk:
    • Being robbed of their independence by having to rely on others to translate for them.
    • Jeopardizing their human dignity by being vulnerable to those who would prey on them. Fear of "the system" can keep them from reporting abuse by those who would take advantage of them.
  2. If a person wishes to become a citizen of the United States of America, the process is long and involved. Helping those who wish to integrate themselves more fully into our society helps us all. We get stronger families, schools and communities when we all work together.

In order to accomplish this, we recruited two groups of people. One group that would help teach these sorts of classes, and a different group that would take these classes.

Since its inception, this ELL program has served over one hundred and thirty people. Several have went on to gain US Citizenship.

This is an excellent opportunity for high school students to earn community service hours. Roland Stolfa, 223-0231, can be contacted for more details.

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ProLiteracy - For My Daughter

This beautifully done video sums up why you might want to "help" others learn English. Enjoy!

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Director of ELL Program - Roland Stolfa

Roland Stolfa Roland Stolfa grew up here in Ardmore and attended St. Mary as a child. His diverse skill set has enabled him to fill in many different roles within the church. He is a communion minister, a disaster preparation planner, ham radio operator (KC5UNL), manager of St. Mary's Cemetary, as well serving as the Director of Social Outreach, managing the web site, as well as being the Physical Plant manager for all St. Mary properties.


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