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Hispanic Ministry

The Hispanic ministry here at St. Mary covers many differnet topics:

  • The St. Juan Diego School for Catholic Lay Leaders offered by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. The school's courses provide a foundational background in Catholic teaching of doctrine, scripture, spirituality and lay ministry. Participants will have the opportunity to:
    • Enrich and deepen their prayer life and relationship with God, while making more meaningful and responsible connections between their Christian faith, everyday life and their ministry.
    • Deepen their knowledge and understanding of the history, traditions, beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church so to have more confidence and competence as a lay minister.
    • Enhance their effectiveness collaborators in the New Evangelization through development of communication and group dynamics skills.
  • We offer pre-baptismal classes, preparation for parents and god parents for the baptism of their children. It is a full understanding of what is the sacrament of baptism.
  • Introduction to Bible study. This class is for people that start growing in faith and feel the call of our lord Jesus Christ into the scriptures.
  • Advanced Bible study. This class is for people who wish to study the scriptures in a profound way and reflect over it and group discussion. At this time they are studying the Gospel of Matthew.
  • Prayer group: sagrado Corazon de Jesus. This group meets on Thursdays and do prayer and sing hymns, also meditate over scriptures and contemplation of the holy sacrament. Pray for people that are sick, alone, and welcome new members.
  • Hispanic choir: involves adults and teens, this group not only participates during Sunday mass but other important events such as, cursillo, ultrella and other church events.
  • Counselling people that are having marital issues.
  • We work as a community when we have a funeral, we work together in order to better serve the parish and their needs as a church. Spiritually and economically, if necessary.
  • We organize the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe en posadas we have a committee that works very hard to bring our culture and beliefs to our youngest and there is involvement of adults, teens, and children.
  • We organize bilingual stations of the cross. We do a live procession of the cross. That helps us to better understand the suffering of Jesus to the parish.
  • We have a cursillista group that prepares to better serve others and to engage them with their faith.
  • Problems with teens, give them support when needed and refer them to another resource when needed.
  • Folkloric group that sings and dances Spanish music and also we have matachines group, and these participate at parish events.
- yours in Christ, Juan Jimenez

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Catholics Come Home

This beautifully done video sums up why you might want to "come home" to the Catholic Church. Enjoy!

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Director of Hispanic Ministries - Juan Jimenez

Juan Jimenez Juan has been working at the parish since 11/16/01, and has been a parishioner since 2000. Originally from Mexico, Juan came to the U.S.A. in 1988. His duties include keeping the buildings clean. He also fixes problems such as electrical, plumbing, etc., as well as taking care of the award-winning landscape and flowerbeds. Juan is extremely active in church activities, and is planning on becoming a Deacon. He currently assists the D.R.E. in Spanish, plays guitar in the Spanish choir, and is a communion minister as well as a sacristan. Juan and his wife Maria help to prepare baptisms and Quinceneras for the Hispanic community. Juan has been married to his wonderful wife since 2001 and has been blessed with four children.

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Group Pictures

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